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Every Business Needs To Borrow Money!

Small business is big business. According to U.S. Government figures, there are millions of small and medium size businesses… and they all need our services! We guide client’s through every aspect of the loan process.

Life Change Consulting Firm Inc. has full access to a vast array of lending sources, we can match or beat the interest rates and loan terms of many banks. We have access to numerous local and national funding sources and we monitor them constantly for the best interest rates available.


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The recent Economic Stimulus package passed by Congress has created a tremendous opportunity for Loan Brokers? That’s because over $150 billion in Stimulus money will go toward rebuilding our nations’ infrastructure. These projects will be contracted out to thousands of small and medium sized businesses nationwide. In addition to their everyday cash flow needs these businesses, and thousands more that they sub-contract with, will need immediate operating capital to purchase supplies, upgrade equipment and meet payroll.